Standard terms and conditions for articles and banner ads on

In general

These general standard terms and conditions apply to any agreement on articles / banner ads between Glasfakta ApS and the advertiser / author (customer), regardless of whether reference is made to these terms and conditions. Glasfakta reserves the right to change the conditions without prior notice. For prices and specifications, please refer to separate information.

Conclusion of agreement

The agreement on articles / banner ads has been entered into when the customer per email has accepted the agreement.

Customer obligations

In connection with the conclusion of the agreement, the customer is responsible for and obliged to provide necessary information, including cvr. no., as required for correct identification of the customer.

Articles and banner ads must comply with applicable guidelines and legislation and must not be offensive or otherwise harmful in any way, and the customer warrants that articles / banner ads do not in any way infringe the rights of third parties. In addition, the article / banner ad material must meet the specified specifications.

The customer is obliged to know the current article / banner ad conditions and has accepted these for articles / banner ads on

Obligations of Glasfakta

Glasfakta's obligations are to ensure the customer the widest possible exposure on and associated products in accordance with the agreement entered into. Banner ads appear primarily in random rotation among a reasonable number of banner ads, which may vary during the ad period.

Powers of Glasfakta

Any delay in payment is significant and entitles Glasfakta to terminate the agreement. However, Glasfakta is entitled to maintain the agreement and demand payment in accordance with the agreement.

Glasfakta is entitled, without warning and without obligation to refund, to reject, change or interrupt the display of articles / banner ads, if the content of the article / banner ad, or that the customer takes actions or expresses views that violate Glasfakta's or third-party rights, fair conduct and / or good behavior and custom.

Banner ads, articles and images provided by the customer can be used by Glasfakta and displayed on the website after the agreement period without prior consent but removed at the request of the customer.


Agreement on articles / banner ads can be terminated with one month’s notice. It does not entitle to a refund of remuneration already paid for any remaining period.


All rights to software, all source codes, as well as all rights to graphic representations, text, images, data and other material, which are wholly or partly produced and / or prepared by or in collaboration with Glasfakta belong to Glasfakta unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Glasfakta has all rights to the information that the customer provides in connection with his articles / ads and otherwise provided in connection with these.


Glasfakta assumes no responsibility for the legality and accuracy of banner ads, articles and other information at

Any claims for damages against Glasfakta from advertisers / authors, which are due to action, information or advertising on, are not entitled to damages.

Choice of law and venue

Any dispute between Glasfakta and a customer that cannot be resolved amicably must be settled in accordance with Danish law and at the Court in Aarhus.